Warm Weather Continues - How Local can I make this Post?

It looks like Indy will still be experiencing some unseasonably warm weather on Wednesday!

Be sure to get out an enjoy it!

TIP   -    I visited the Local Undeground Tent Party near Sun King Brewing Co. today and I was reminded how cool it is that they choose to have all kinds of local companies involved.
 I also was able to find parking a lot easier than downtown!  Thanks to Chef JJuFlavor, the custom beverage company that I started working with is also involved!!!

OPTIONS  -  Downtown City Market was also hopping today!  I had a great lunch conversation with Papa Roux and as always his food was delicious!  Papa is involved with the Super First Friday event this Friday.  He'll be at the Earth House Collective!

Also at City Market, IndyHub is presenting HubWork, with a ton of cool Indy sponsors.  They will also have various presentations at 11am and 2pm.  Yelp is also helping at the event and I learned today that Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Mix and Indiana Vodka is available in the Yelp lounge.  Be sure to find it!

ALSO at City Market:  YOU CAN TOUR THE CITY MARKET CATACOMBS.   I think this it too cool and may be well worth the $20 admission.  I'll find out this week!  I can't wait.  Did you know that City Market had a catacomb?

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