A New Englander's Primer to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI

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Welcome to Indianapolis.

I grew up in Saugus, Massachusetts, home of the Hilltop Steakhouse and Kowloon's, but I now call Indy home.  I've been living in Indianapolis for over 5 years and have figured out a few things that a New Englander might want to know when hitting Indy for the first time.  Especially if you are coming out to watch the New England Patriots and the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.

I'll try to update this as I think of more tips!  Come back often!

Hey, it's a bit south of New England.  I could be warmer than you're used to!

Indy has some great food items that you should try to have while you are here:
  • The Breaded Tenderloin - The breaded tenderloin was invented at Nick's Kitchen, in Huntington, Indiana (home of Dan Quayle) and has since become Indiana's flagship sandwich.  In a way it reminds me of a higher quality Bacon Burger from those days in the Saugus High School cafeteria.  BUT MUCH BETTER.  It is pounded pork, deep fried, and placed on a bun way too small.  Huntington is a bit too far, so be sure to try one for lunch while you are visiting.  There are a lot of places in Broad Ripple that do a fantastic job.
  • Pizza
    • Greek - Growing up in Boston I remember two styles of pizza.  You had the Italian and the Greek.  Not being a huge sauce fan, the Greek style always seemed to resonate with me.  In Indy, the Greek style is somewhat hard to find, although Ironically, Greek's Pizzeria(DT) pretty much nails it!  There are a few locations throughout the area.
    • Indy Style - Indy has its own style which I have grown to love.  It is usually a thinner crust (but not too thin), with lots of premium toppings.  There are a few places in town that will not disappoint: Bazbeauxs(BR)(MA), Some Guys(Northside), or Jockomo's(Irvington).
    • Union Jacks - (BR) They don't really have the same style as the above, but they beat to their own drummer in a fantastic way.  When you walk in, you may not initially think that pizza would be on their menu, but do yourself a favor and try it.  They also have a great beer list and amazing Breaded Tenderloin (my dad went 3 days in a row the last time he visited).  Union Jack Pub.
    • Pizzology - If you happen to have a car, check out Pizzology, by Neal Brown.  He always creates amazing flavors.   If you don't have a car, check out The Libertine(DT), it's not pizza, but it is located downtown and is one of my favorites.  Neal also created uFlavor's 317 flavor.  
  • Yats  - (MT)(MA) Just try it.  Too hard to describe.  It also may not look the most appealing, but just try it.
  • Chinese Food - You wont find the likes of Kowloon's in Indy.  However, if you are hunkering for boneless spare rips, King Dragon(BR) in the Broad Ripple area comes closest.  It's a takeout place, so don't expect fancy.  If you are looking for a more premium (non New England style Chinese) my friends at Naisa(FS) in Fountain Square do a delicious job of fusing various Pan Asian styles.
  • Sugar Cream Pie - If you get a chance, try it homemade.  If that is somewhat hard, try to figure out a way to make Locally Grown Gardens(MT) on your itinerary.  Heaven in a slice!
  • Shrimp Cocktail - A tourist visit to Indy would not be complete without the shrimp cocktail of St. Elmo's(DT) or their sister restaurant, Harry & Izzy's(DT).  Harry & Izzy's has a location at the airport, so you can always choose to try it on your way out!
Local Underground - Okay, so you may not want to wear your Patriot's jersey (or maybe you do), but two of my favorites are under one tent with live music!  The Local Underground with Sun King beer and Chef JJ food!

Check out some of my other favorite restaurants - Here  (The list is a little out of date - I'll try to clean it up, in the meantime check before you go)

Beer - Great beer lists at McNivens(MA), Union Jack Pub(BR), Chumley's(BR), Twenty Tap(MT), Rathskeller(MA).  Great local beer creators:  Sun King(DT), Flat12(DT), Upland(MT), Thr3e Wisemen(BR).

Neighborhoods - Indy's downtown is great, but be sure to visit Fountain Square(FS), Broad Ripple Village(BR), and Mass Ave(MA).   Lots of great restaurants, shops, and nightlife.  I live in the Broad Ripple area and absolutely love it!   Midtown(MT) comprises 4 northside neighborhoods, including Broad Ripple.  Indy's downtown(DT) is also a great area to have fun!

Airport Tip - The terminals both connect after security.  So, even if your flight leaves from terminal B, check out the line for terminal A first, you could fly through security and get a chance to relax a bit before your flight.

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