In a few hours - Economic Benefit to Indianapolis

In just a few short hours, we will know which two teams will be heading to Indianapolis for Super Bowl 46.

The games:
New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens


New York Giants vs San Francisco 49ers.

Since hearing that Indianapolis had won the bid to host Super Bowl XLVI, I have wondered which two teams would benefit the city the most by spending their money here.

While I wanted to see a Colts appearance, I'm glad that two visiting cities will get a chance to see why I love Indianapolis....and hopefully spend their money with many of the mom & pop, independent places I've touted about over the years.

In my opinion, based upon travel time to Indianapolis, fanatism of their fan base, and the median incomes of their demographic areas,  feel that the best chance for Indy to benefit would be between a New England and New York battle.

San Francisco is just too far for the average fan to think they could get a chance to see their team, so the Giants are a natural for my choice in this matchup.

Which leads me to New England and Baltimore.  Baltimore, the city that lost the Colts to Indianapolis or New England, the hated rival of the Indianapolis Colts?

According to the NFL map at CommonCensus.org, you can see how broad the fan bases are of the various teams.  By choosing a 200 mile diameter of Indianapolis, you can see the breakdown of folks that claim each team as their favorites.  Almost every team in the NFL is beaten by Baltimore when it comes to who is rooting for them to succeed each year.

So, my choice would be New England.

I also feel that a New England participation in the game will keep the attention of the local Indianapolis fan base, as they hope to see the Patriots return home without a victory.

In any case, the mere fact that the game is being held in Indianapolis has been a boon to the city.  There is construction and growth all over the city, as we have prepped to make the experience memorable,  The people of Indianapolis have an energy and spirit about them that is overwhelmning positive and we are all excited to be showing off our great city!

Welcome visitors!  See you soon!

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