Avoid 14 West for the Super Bowl

I had made an OpenTable reservation at 14 West for Feb. 3rd at 8pm.

I was psyched to get the reservation because our plans had us eating at Oceanaire at 10:30 that night.

Since my previous 14 West experience was enjoyable, I gladly cancelled my later reservation.

Today I randomly received an email from OpenTable stating:
14 West has canceled your reservation for 4 on Friday, February 3, 2012.If you have questions about your canceled reservation, please contact 14 West at (317) 636-1414.
I was mad to say the least, especially since my options are now very limited for Friday night, so I called them.

I was told that the error was caused by OpenTable, 14 West had blocked the entire day for special Super Bowl reservations and an OpenTable glitch allowed me to make my 8:00 reservation.

I was told I could speak to the floor manager to see if any accommodations could be made.

I addressed my situation, explained that due to this glitch, I now could not recover my earlier reservation and was upset.  I also felt that it was extremely poor to have received an email and not a phone call explaining what had happened.

He said that there was nothing he could do.  In a snide tone, said he would take a reservation if I accepted a $200 per person minimum for the night.  (4 people x $200 = $800)

To me, this request seemed a bit inappropriate.  While it is likely my party could have spent $800 for the night, it didn't seem to make sense that their mistake (or their lack of customer service towards OpenTable's mistake) would be handled this way.

I asked if I could speak to the manager or owner and was told that he was the manager, along with Rhiannon, and that there was nothing he could do about my situation.

I asked if I could speak to the owner and he replied that 14 West was owned by a corporation, Fortune Industries, and they did not have a contact person I could speak with.

He then said, that since there was nothing he could do, he didn't want me wasting his time and he hung up on me.

I don't feel they deserve my, or anyone's $800!

I guess I'm not alone, here is a recent comment on their Facebook page:


Phil Lavoie said...

Ironically, I was able to get my Oceanaire reservation back. :-) I can't wait to get the seafood tower!

Rhiannon said...

The phone number was lost when I had to close open table. I took down your name and time and placed it in our super bowl reservation system. The other manager was unaware of this because I had to leave for a bit to pick up some things for our patio bar. I apologize for the misunderstanding. Your reservation is still good, or of you want a different night, I would be happy to make reservations for you then

Phil Lavoie said...


Thanks for your email message and post to this blog.

Did you read where your manager hung up on me because to him, I was wasting his time. Which, according to my phone log was a whole 92 seconds?

I don't wish to waste your time any more.

Thanks for the call - oh, I mean the email message.