The Bar, Tortas Guicho Dominguez y El Cubanito, and Served

A few new Indianapolis restaurants have opened in the past few weeks. As Always, you can check out my list of new openings.

BarYats ... The Bar at the Ambassador
As you have probably heard, BarYats is not going to happen. It was announced on the Facebook page of Yats that they decided to focus on a franchise plan of their current concept.
BarYats may not be opening, however, "The Bar" at the Ambassador has opened instead. The Bar is a cajun/creole concept located at 43 E. 9th Street, just around the corner from the central library. It was probably disappointing to the new tenants but I'm sure they will still appreciate having a bar with a great atmosphere at the lobby level of their building.

Tortas Guicho Dominguez y El Cubanito
A new Mexican sandwich shop has opened in Fountain Square. The pictures that I have seen so far look extremely delicious so I am sure that this will be on my short list of places to try. They also have breakfast tacos which I'm sure will be good.
Fountain Square continues to impress me with all of the new businesses opening in the past few years. When the city finalizes the Cultural Trail, I hope it helps outsiders notice this great neighborhood.

A small restaurant on the east side has opened at 4638 E. 10th Street, the only online presence, that I could find, seems to be their Facebook page.  The comments from the recent diners have nothing but positive things to say about the locally grown/sourced food and the chef seems to be passionate about his cuisine.
NOTE: The restaurant may just be having a soft opening at the time, there appears to be some random moments that the place has been closed, so I'd be sure to call before I head over: 317-258-2086
Any other new restaurants?   Have you tried any of these?


Indy Grub Review said...

Tried the tortas place this past Saturday... pretty tasty, and a neat little shop.... hope they're successful.

Anonymous said...

I have also tried Tortas Guincho Dominguez twice now. The food there is great, and my total tab was about $8. They always offer salsa, and the sandwiches are right on the money. Delicious!