Gourmet Mexican in Broad Ripple!

I love when I'm reading Property Lines and I learn of a new restaurants coming to town.

I love it even more when they are within walking distance!

Can I go so far as to say that I'm like a kid in a candy store when I learn one of them will be offering gourmet Mexican street food.

The restaurant's name is Calle 52 and it will be located in the old Movie Gallery location at 5215 N. College, across the street from the Aristocrat Pub in what is affectionately being called the Gourmet Ghetto. It plans to be a non-smoking restaurant with a patio of outdoor dining. The restaurant is a joint venture from two of my favorite Broad Ripple establishments, the owners of Usual Suspects and Northside Social are sure to make this place a hit.

Keep an eye out for this place to open and you'll probably see me enjoying some carne asada in short time.

The Property Lines post also offers more details about The Sinking Ship restaurant mentioned in a previous post.

UPDATE: In my excitement, I misread the Property Lines article. Union Jacks is not involved but rather the owners of Usual Suspects are involved.


David said...

This is interesting because I heard that Neal Brown was doing another restaurant in the area that specialized in Mexican ceviche and tacos. Maybe my friend was confused? Maybe not?

Phil Lavoie said...

Having had Neal's food, I'd be okay with that. :-)

Phil Lavoie said...

A reader pointed out that I misread Usual Suspects as Union Jacks. I have now fixed the post.

Erin said...

I heard the same thing about a Neal Brown Mexican taqueria or something of the like at 49th and College.

Phil Lavoie said...

I hope you're right! :-) Neal's cooking is some of the best I've ever had!

Sib said...

That's what Neal Brown told me one evening up at Pizzology. Civeche at the old army surplus - 54th and college. He also said he is close to closing on the Nora Cafe and opening another Pizzology location there.