Favorite Places to eat in Indianapolis

I have two friends who have recently moved to Indianapolis.

One is here from Massachusetts awaiting a kidney and pancreas transplant. (Are you an Organ Donor?).

The other has just moved up from Pensacola with her family.

I keep telling them how much I love the food in Indianapolis. For the most part, dining in Indy is comfort food meets modern style, without much of the pretentious attitude you expect from larger cities.

Well today I finally put together a list of some of my favorites.

These are places that, I feel, an out of town visitor to Indianapolis would enjoy. I also try to list some of the menu items that don't get their fair shake.....not necessarily my favorite item, but something you should try on visit number 2?

I hope you enjoy the list....feel free to contribute a suggestion or two!

Make your own list and post it as a comment!

UPDATE:  Here's a fantastic post about some must-eat places in Indiana.  It seemed appropriate to link it here: Hoosier Must Eats


Indy Grub Review said...

Santorini's, Santorini's, Santorini's......

Oh, and the Red Velvet Flying Elvis at the Flying Cupcake.

jenny said...

Augustino's out in the Greenwood area has wonderful Italian food. And if you're a pork chop lover I highly recommend English Ivy's, Downtown! Thanks for pointing this newcomer in the right directions, Phil!

Phil Lavoie said...

Anytime! Keep coming back and I hope to continue to add interesting places!