Man v Food in Indianapolis

Well I guess some efforts have paid off. Last July I posted about the lack of visitation from The Travel Channel and Food Network.

Well, The Indianapolis Start is reporting that Adam Richman will be in town during Memorial Day weekend to film at three different locations for a show that will air in August.

No hints as to where he will be visiting. Any ideas?

UPDATE: This ended up being incorrect, Adam Richman did not come to Indianapolis.
UPDATE 2: It ended up not being a Rumor. He did come to town and filmed an episode.
UPDATE 3: Indianapolis to be featured on Man v. Food


Jese said...

Sounds like he may have been here. Here's an interview with driver James Hinchcliffe where he briefly mentions that he had a tenderloin sandwich at the track with Adam:


Phil Lavoie said...

FYI - Indianapolis to be featured on Man v. Food