Red Eye Cafe

Broad Ripple Village logoImage via WikipediaHey there friends.

For months every time I've driven by the old Pizza King restaurant on Broad Ripple Ave it has said "New Restaurant Coming Soon."

Last night I drove by and it said, "Red Eye Cafe Coming Soon."

I'm assuming that this is the same Red Eye Cafe that recently closed in downtown Indianapolis.

I sure hope it is a late night greasy spoon, but I just don't see that happening in the area it is located.
Anyone have any details?

UPDATE: The Red Eye is open and they offer late-night delivery to Broad Ripple. Check it out: Broad Ripple Delivery Database


Anonymous said...

You are in luck. Same 3 owners as the downtown red eye.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you see that happening in the area it's located?

William said...

it is the same red eye. AND it will be opening this month

Phil Lavoie said...

FYI folks - They also deliver.

Broad Ripple Delivery Database - http://bit.ly/Deliver-Broad-Ripple