Cadillac Ranch, Sushi at Lulu's, N

notable news items:

The Cadillac Ranch plans to open at 39 Jackson Street on December 11. The Cadillac Ranch is a western themed restaurant and bar and is opening in Union Station. It's always exciting to see more businesses moving downtown, and this chain is still small enough that it will still feel unique.

Second, in what I call, "New to Me", is sushi at Lulu's. I had a work event at Flemings and I noticed a sign on the window of Lulu's so I drove by to check it out. Lulu's, which to me has always been a late night Cougar hangout, now has a sushi bar called Makoto. Makoto opened back in the early fall and I have yet to be there. Have you? Is it any good?

Finally, Napolese, the pizza restaurant by Martha Hoover has received the variance it was seeking to allow for outdoor seating....and while this doesn't seem so interesting in December, we'll be loving it next spring!

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