Yats as a bar? It just keeps getting better

Hats off to Cory over at Property Lines for keeping Indianapolis updated on the happenings in the Commercial development world.

His latest post was one of the more exciting tidbits of news that I've read in a while. Yats is planning a Bar/Restaurant concept.

It plans to be more upscale then the current Yats concept that we have all grown to love, but unlike the current concept, there will be alcohol included. I've always wished I could have a New Orleans Hurricane [drink] with my Maque Choux.

While I'm sure the menu will be different, I'm also sure that the place will remain fun and lively.

The location will be across the street from another favorite, Urban Element. Tentatively named "Bar Yats" we should expect to see the opening in early 2010. I'm glad this area is getting more development. There is a lot of under-utilized real estate in the area and this could really help drive some changes....not to mention that it is near the Central Library!

VOID: The only thing that doesn't get me excited about this news is the name. I think "Bar Yats" is kind of boring, I think a name like "Maque Choux" or "Crawfish" would be more interesting.

What are your thoughts?

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