Bearcats Restaurant - Re-opening

Bearcats Restaurant - "In the Stutz Business Center" plans to re-open on Monday, October 19th.

They will have Wifi available.

There is a new owner and they also promise a new menu with fresh ingredients.

This was one of those places that I told myself that I would not go back unless it opened with new management. Since they are so close to Creation Cafe, and since I don't work in the Stutz building, it may be hard for me to make it over there.

If you go, let me know how it is.



trendygirlbeck said...

I've heard much lamenting about the previous Bearcats, and I'm anxious to try the new place myself. I'm not surprised to see a lack of comments on this yet. I'll let you know how it is.

Also, I added you to my rss feed & blog roll, if you get a chance to check out my blog, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Check Urbanspoon re: Bearcats. Seems like an entirely different experience. They have some testimonials on their web site, too.

m said...

Hi Phil . .

Hope you've had a chance to visit us!

Phil Lavoie said...

I haven't yet...but thanks for the reminder!