All you can EAT Extravaganza - Indianapolis: Buffets and other bottomless fare.

I mentioned in a previous post that Indy lack Delivery, Buffets on the other hand are EVERYWHERE. It really seems like there are a lot of places where you can PIG out.

I haven't tried all of them, but I do admit that I visit some more than I should.

Now, I'm not talking about all of the Chinese Food buffets in the city, although my favorite is probably Happy Garden. I'm also not talking about the KFC buffet, like the one near Columbus, IN. Instead I am going to focus on the places that are a bit more unique.

Call first to make sure they still have the all you can eat option! Feel free to bookmark this entry, I'll try to update it as I learn more. Also, I've chosen to link most of the restaurants to local blogs in which they are not necessarily discussing the buffet.

  • Barcelona - They do a Tapas Lunch buffet during the week and a Sangria buffet on Sundays. Nope, this doesn't mean all the Sangria you can drink, but we wish it did!
  • Indian Garden - Next to Barcelona, it is probably one of the best Indian buffets in the city.
  • Vito's on Penn - Can you say, Italian Lunch Buffet? How one goes back to work after this one, I'm not sure.
  • Mississippi Belle - Delicious Soul food....with lots of soul. I like the Fried Chicken the best, but their Ribs are also worth trying.
  • Hollyhock Hill - All you can eat comfort food. This College Street establishment is known as a place to celebrate family style!
  • Euphoria - This fine dining restaurant often offers an all you can eat raw bar on Tuesday nights. All while enjoying one of the best views of the city.
  • Da Blue Lagoon - All you can eat Caribbean food....yep, feel like you're vacationing in Jamaica!
  • Edward's Drive-IN - All you can eat Fried food. Chicken, fish, macaroni and cheese....Enjoy!
  • Thai Taste - The 1st Thursday of any month, this Thai restaurant puts on an amazing vegetarian spread.
  • Scotty's Brewhouse - Arguably the best wings in the city. Every Monday you can sample all of the sauces as you eat as many wings as they can prepare.

Other honorable mentions: Mark Pi (Sundays), The Journey on 96th(Sushi/Chinese), and Red Robin's all you can eat fries.

Tuesday, September 8th, the Live Market at Indiana Live Casino becomes a buffet, I'm sure that will get some more people to visit this latest Indiana attraction.

You also have to love all of the Amish Hearth Dinners you get in some of the state's Amish communities as well as some of the all you can eat fish frys at some of the fire stations.

VOID: So this section won't really be a missed opportunity, as I try to do in this blog, but rather a few places that I'd love to see a buffet. Not necessarily to eat as much as I can eat, but rather to sample more of their menu items. I would love to see an all you can eat mussel meal at Brugge in Broad Ripple. I tend to stick to my favorites, but an all you can eat option, could broaden my horizons. This is also true for Bazbeaux's Pizza. The Colossus is my favorite, but who knows....maybe one of the others should be. It would also nice to see all you can eat options at Yats, Naked Tchopstixs, or even Great Garden.

What are your favorite places to gorge yourself in Indianapolis? Where do you wish we had a buffet?

UPDATE 1: Vito's on Penn is now closed.
UPDATE 2: Da Blue Lagoon is now closed.
UPDATE 3: Edwards Drive-In Featured on Man v Food.


Anonymous said...

When looking at Indianapolis options for all you can eat you can't overlook Fogo de Chao. This brazilian steakhouse where they bring endless meat to your table is an amazing place. It is a bit expensive but totally worth it.

Phil Lavoie said...

@Anonymous I was trying to avoid chains, but you are right, Fogo is quite the dining experience.

KayGee said...

Roselli's Pizza (106th and Michigan): AYCE pizza buffet with a drink for $9 (M-F). Sometimes you even get some deep dish.

Phil Lavoie said...

Thanks for the suggestion KayGee, I'll have to check it out someday soon!

steakhouse said...

I also like sparkssteak and also like kfc food..