The Delivery Void of Indianapolis

Indy lacks options in restaurant delivery, especially in the Broad Ripple area and Downtown. Sometimes you just don't want prepare your own meal and delivery seems like the solution. Typically, these are the days that were never-ending at work. You come home, and the last thing on your mind is opening the refrigerator to identify your options for the evening's dinner. Not to mention the many times you realize that you'd probably have to make a stop at the grocery store to complete your meal.

In Chicago, I could get Sushi, sandwiches, Indian, Mexican, Thai, you name it. I could even get a rotisserie chicken delivered to my door. However, Indianapolis appears relegated to Pizza (although Bazbeauxs isn't a bad option). Now, I know that Chicago is a much larger city, but the Broad Ripple area has enough population density to support more than pizza delivery. Many cities have a multi-restaurant delivery service, including Evansville, but none in Indianapolis. When I first moved to Indianapolis, I was actually laughed at when I asked a local Chinese Food restaurant if they delivered.

There are a scattering of places that will deliver Chinese in Indy, but none in the Broad Ripple area. I've heard that BUDA Lounge and Naisa will deliver, but again, I'd verify these rumors before you take my word for it. I also know that there is a Chinese delivery place near the Fashion Mall that will come close to Broad Ripple, but close doesn't count.

Keystone Sports Grill will deliver anything on their menu, so that helps round out the picture, but still no Mexican, no Sushi, no rotisserie chicken.

Many places say they have a catering service, but usually there is a sizable minimum order to have them come to your location, as the intent is to supply a meeting, or an office with their lunch.

Delivery.com has a great service that allows restaurants to put their menu online for online ordering and delivery, but it hasn't taken off in our Midwest town.

So, Why does Indianapolis have so few options for restaurant delivery? Are there places that I've missed? Do I just not know where to look? Or perhaps there is some sort of regulation in Indianapolis that makes it more difficult to offer food delivery.

It would be great to see more of our local independent places offer a delivery option, in the meantime, I'm going to rest content, knowing that at least I can get local, organic produce delivered to my door.(Thanks Farm Fresh)

UPDATE - JULY 2010: The Red Eye Cafe in Broad Ripple says that they will deliver their full menu after 9pm.


Naarski (the Mrs.) said...

About 5 or 6 yrs back I to use the Delivery.com here in the Seattle area quite a bit (especially for lazy Sundays after a long nite out). But stopped usig it cuz it was so expensive w/ delivery charges and tips. I live further away from civilization and no longer have even the option for delievry.com.For someone like me with a family, I would gladly pay the extra charges to have delivery options outside of Dominos. It would make my life so much easier. I feel your pain.

I'm Cas. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one baffled by the lack of delivery options in Indy. There are a few semi-decent Chinese places that deliver downtown--which is great for work hours--but Broad Ripple seriously lacks.

Phil Lavoie said...

It appears that Tomo, the new place near Walmart, may deliver to Broad Ripple. I haven't checked it out yet to know for sure.

They do deliver, I'm just not 100% sure that they make it to Broad Ripple.

When I called, they said anywhere within a 15 minute drive. My house would qualify, but I doubt all of BR would.