Urbanspoon Rocks!

I just came back from a road trip to New England. I used Urbanspoon all along the trip to find good restaurants in the cities we passed. I have to say that they were all hits. Not a single miss from the users of the site. I plan to blog about these in the next day or so.

I also love that bloggers can put their review on the site. It has helped me find other food bloggers in the Indy area. It also helps when travelling.

VOID: (or missed opportunity) There are a few areas that I feel that urbanspoon can grow their business/site. The first would be to allow users to post menu items and then choose their like/dislike option on various food items. It would be nice to see what the most popular items are so that I can be sure to order them. I would also think that restaurants would like the service to see which items they should dump.

I would also like to understand their "ranking" logic, but I understand that could be a trade secret. It would make sense to put a weighting on people's vote by how recent their vote was. The vote from a year ago would not be as strong as the one from last night. Restaurants constantly change staff and their business could get better or worse from even one change. A vote from a year ago should be considered as a fractional vote. (Again, perhaps they do this)

Finally, I would like to see the various cities better integrated. It would be great to see Indianapolis restaurants contained in the Indiana state site. It would also be great to see which restaurants at the national level are tops!

All in all, I love Urbanspoon and I will continue to participate in the site. Keep up the great work!

Ps. Does anyone know of similar sites for other services? Maybe hotels, attractions, etc... Just a simple Like/Dislike with a ranking?

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