Rick's Cafe Boatyard

Every summer we usually make it out to Rick's Cafe Boatyard for some drinks and food on their outdoor deck. The service is usually hit or miss the food is always great. (Although this time, not worth the price of admission) I also love the style of the building. It reminds me of the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.

This past Saturday we decided to go for the first time this year. It's always nice to be outside, in the sun, enjoying the views of The Eagle Creek Reservoir. It wasn't very busy, but there were a few folks around the outdoor bar and everyone seemed to be smiling and having fun. As others have blogged about, the atmosphere is really why people come here.

We ordered some adult beverages and their Sashimi Tuna appetizer, which is a staple for us anytime we visit Rick's. The Tuna is always fresh and perfect. We are also big fans of the seaweed? salad that comes with the tuna. However, I have to say, the recession must be hitting Rick's. This time there were 3 small pieces of tuna for a $14 price tag. In years past the $14 price tag was worth it because the plate had plenty of the succulent meat....this year however it was lacking.

Because the appetizer portion was so expensive we decided that we should go elsewhere for dinner, however, we did stay for a few more drinks. :-)

THE VOID: (In this section, I describe missed opportunities)
The outdoor bar is large and people that go there are typically looking for a very lively environment. Although the cocktails were flowing, there was a HUGE atmospheric element missing.


They really seemed to miss the boat. It would be a draw if there were a Reggae band or better yet some steel drums being played to give you that Caribbean feel. I feel that this missed opportunity causes people to leave earlier than they would otherwise.

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wouldibuyitagain said...

Consistently the same review for Rick’s no matter who writes it, however 85% “like it” on UrbanSpoon!? Odd. I always look at food first at a restaurant and everything else is a distant second.

Dig the blog, keep up the good work.

Phil Lavoie said...

I think a lot of people vote for the atmosphere, specifically at Rick's where many people may just be voting based upon their drink orders.

I just blogged about Urbanspoon for my latest roadtrip and added that they should have some functionality for menu items. (or maybe a separate like/dislike for service, atmosphere)