New Menu at Brugge Brasserie

Let it be noted that one of my favorites has a new menu!

We went to Brugge Brasserie this past weekend and were surprised and pleased to see that they have a new menu. This did mean that our typical pick of the Red Curry Mussels would have to be put on hold as we sampled something new.

As is usual we split the hanger steak and a thing of mussels....which is probably the best way to experience Brugge. It goes without saying that we also had our limit of Tripel de Ripple's.

Unfortunately their online menu hasn't been updated so I don't recall the name of the new mussel flavors, however, we had the one with Blue Cheese and Bacon! Who doesn't love bacon? They were delicious and the sauce at the end required us to get a few extra loaves of bread. I swear, they could charge $500 bucks for more bread and I'd probably do it!

Anyway, it may be a while before we land on a new favorite.

Any of my out of state readers want to come visit and create a Brugge buffet?

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wouldibuyitagain said...

Good to know about the new menu. I love their mussels, but everything else that I have tried, eh… How was the hanger steak?

Phil Lavoie said...

We love the hanger steak. It's not the best cut of meat, but they prepare it well. It is seasoned nicely and it a good pairing for the mussels.

What else is surprisingly good are the chicken fingers on the kid's menu. Adults have to pay extra, but they are pretty good.

Then again, the Tripel is what brings us there time after time.

Naarski (the Mrs.) said...

I luv'd my visit here with you and would definitely go again, this time listening when you say that 2 Tripel's is enough, you don't need a glass of white wine. LOL