The Hungry Brick

A few days ago, I randomly saw a tweet from TheHungryBrick on Twitter

The Tweet read:

"So, who wants a free gift card to Zest in #broadripple? Hmmm? Any takers. 1st come, 1st served. $25 value."

Since Zest! Exciting Food Creations is one of my favorite breakfast places, I jumped on the message and let them know that I wanted it! I had been wondering what The Hungry Brick was about. I knew it had something to do with local restaurants and this intrigued me.

This week I received a $25 gift certificate to be used (only after 5pm). I've been wanting to try Zest! for dinner so now I have a perfect opportunity.

However, with the Gift Certificate was a letter about how The Hungry Brick plans to give back to the community by promoting savings at local restaurants. The Hungry Brick will be a coupon book in the way of a "Brick" or the shape of a deck of playing cards. Each card will represent $10 off a minimum of $25.

The letter instructed me to become a Brick Eater, which I did. Their website also has some immediate discounts on $50 gift cards for $25 to some great restaurants.

The Hungry Brick looks like it will be a great way to have some great food and to help the local community. They are cooperating with Gleaners Food Bank, Victory Junction, and a few other communities. Pre-sales begin in September.

Be sure to check them out! Also, look for them in Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, Houston, and South Florida in 2010.

Thanks for my gift certificate @TheHungryBrick!

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