Spicy Cilantro Curry Rice - Naisa

Tonight we went to Naisa Cafe in Fountain Square. Naisa is Asian spelled backwards and this is not your typical Asian restaurant. The food is fresh, full of color, and very tasty!

This was our second time there. Our first time had been during a First Friday event back in May. Christina, the proprietor, greeted us at the door as friends mentioning that it had been a while since we had come in. She made us feel like a regular and it was only our second time! Amazing!

They seemed very busy but it also appeared that most of the (new restaurant) kinks had been worked out. There was music in the air, which was absent the last time we visited. The staff also seemed more at ease with the menu offering perfect suggestions and insight.

One item that I was particularly fond of during my last visit was the Spicy Basil Curry Rice. This is a delicious item and worthy of any foodie's appetite. However, upon arriving Christina had mentioned that they were out of Basil. However, being open to ideas, I suggested that she make it with Cilantro, which she eagerly tried. It came out as delicious as the original.

We also had their egg rolls and the Honey Sesame Chicken. By the end of the meal we couldn't figure out which we liked best!

I always rate a place by whether I could have made a better dinner at home. Naisa is worth the visit!

For all you downtown folks, they deliver!!!

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Corey Michael Dalton said...

This is definitely my favorite Chinese place in the city. Christina is so nice and welcoming, and all the food is prepared fresh. Have you tried the "dry sauteed" string beans seasonal special? Oh, man, it's good. Unfortunately, beans are going out of season, so I'm not going to be able to get it much longer....