Pizza in Indianapolis

I just read at Indy in the Kitchen, that Neal Brown is rumored to be opening a pizza restaurant in Carmel. If you never ate at Neal's L'Explorateur you missed out on some of the most spectacular tastes to cross your palette. Neal tried to use local ingredients in his cooking. It was adventurous and fun! I'm hoping his pizza is the same.

It's strange. I've lived in Boston, Georgia, Chicago and now Indianapolis and I have to say, Indy has some phenomenal pizzas places. Places that I would choose over anything I could get in those other places. Bazbeaux's, Jockamo's Upper Crust, Union Jack's, Some Guys....to name a few.
Not only is Neal rumored to be opening a pizza place, but also Martha Hoover is opening a new pizza pie restaurant. Martha's claim to fame is the Patachou brand, including one of my favorites, Petite Chou. (If you haven't had the Croque Madame, you haven't lived) Martha's place is going to be a Neapolitan style pizza, and I 'm sure it will be amazing!

Speaking of rumors, I've recently heard that Union Jack's may be opening a location close to geist. Let's hope so! I love that the Broad Ripple location is smoke free and has free WiFi! It's a great place to get some work done at the end of a busy day.

Finally, I made it to newcomer, ZA Pizza in Broad Ripple this past week. The pizza was ok...not great, which considering the high quality of other places in Broad Ripple and Indianapolis, "ok" is not good enough. It's positioned as a place to get a quick slice. What bothered me most about the experience was that our expectations were not set correctly. We were told that if we waited 7-8 minutes that we could try their BBQ pizza....literally 28 minutes later we got the slice. Also, two slices came to $9. We could have gone around the corner, back to Bazbeaux's and had a full pie. (I think I know what we'll be doing in the future)

All in All, Indianapolis seems to be putting pizza on the map. The style seems to always include fresh, high quality ingredients. Make sure you try some soon!

What's your favorite pizza place? in your city?

Also, be sure to add "Indy In the Kitchen" to your blog reader, she has the inside scoop on many restaurants...and some yummy sounding recipes.

UPDATE: Read what happened next at 'Za.

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Phil Lavoie said...

I got an email in my facebook account it reads:

"Bullshit did you wait 28 minutes to get two slices at 'ZA.I own the place,remember you being there and don't appreciate your embellishment about the time you waited.

Michael Keenan"

Now, I'm not sure if Michael is the owner, or not, but this doesn't seem like an appropriate way to handle a customer satisfaction issue.

Phil Lavoie said...
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Anonymous said...

Thought you would be interested to know that the owner of Za has been ousted by his partners. I heard a guy say at a bar tonight that he was in jail.

Phil Lavoie said...

@Anonymous I've been told that is possibly just a rumor.

It would take a lot for me to make a return visit.

Anonymous said...

over priced, to long of wait. and they charge for box to take it to go...

Anonymous said...

Agreed about their lack of professionalism. Two times I have walked by at hours they were supposed to be open and they weren't. One time it was middle of a Sunday afternoon, when they were supposed to have been open at 11am, and the place was still not set up for the day (chairs up on tables, etc) and the Mr Keenan was leaning against the counter bs'ing with someone. Seemed bothered by my presence and said it'd be about 30 minutes til they'd have pies up. I've worked in enough pizza places to know it doesn't take 10 minutes to make a pizza if you want to.
I hope for the sake of the other partners involved they find someone more professional to run their business. I could give you a laundry list of other problems and complaints I've heard second hand but won't bother. Commenting anonymously so Keenan doesn't come after me!

Anonymous said...

And yeah, much over priced.

Anonymous said...

Ya I had really crappy service there myself. Mr. Keenan thinks his crap doesn't stink. By the way that was not a rumor about him being in jail just check his record.

SquareJive said...

I personally like the place. I went in there last week and loved the upstairs. It's a unique lofted view of Broad Ripple.

Not sure why all the negative feedback but the venue fits my interests- laid back, bar food, and good local beer. It doesn't get overly packed so I can actually place my order and get quality service.

These are my thoughts

-Charie Kelly

Anonymous said...

visited Za Pizza a few weeks ago, and they have good pizza! The crust was one of the best I have ever tasted, and i do know pizza, being in this business several years ago. I will defintely return.