Farm Fresh Delivery

We love to cook. We are also big fans of fresh vegetables.

When we lived in Chicago there was a service, called PeaPod that delivered groceries to your door. While convenient, it also helped us to maintain a healthier eating lifestyle.

I recently read that when you are planning for the future, you lean towards your ideal. When you're planning for the moment, you live for the moment. Meaning if you were to be asked what you want for a snack at a meeting next week, you'll likely say fruit...but if asked, what kind of snack do you want right now, you'll likely choose something like a brownie.

Being able to place your order online helped remove the impulse shopping brought on by the sights, sounds, and smells of a grocery store. Also, you are more likely to buy the produce if it is made easy.

About a year ago, we were able to find a similar service in Indy. It's called Farm Fresh Delivery. While they do not have the full offerings of a grocery store, they do have almost anything wholesome you could ask for. Most of the produce is locally grown or organic and when it is conventionally grown, it is highlighted when you make your order.

They also have relationships with various local entities. You can get Indiana raised meats, fresh pastas, cheeses, etc... The best part of the service is that you can customize your order each week on their website. Don't like Cauliflower? Replace it with Jalapenos. Love Raspberries? Get 4 packages!

They have their home delivery service in Indianapolis and Cincinnati. They allow you to suspend delivery any day you need to. They also require no contract. I'd recommend the service to anyone looking to eat healthier.

If you sign up, please put my blog address in the referred by section.

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