Blogging for a new you!

Shawan Mullen, over at Compendium Software, blogged recently about an article she had read last year. Item #13 for improving your life was to start a blog.

I couldn't agree more.

First, it is easy to become more educated on a particular subject by reading as much as you can. In the Blogosphere, there is plenty to read. For example, if you think you would like to "Get into" Web 2.0 marketing, start reading as much as you can on the subject.

Second, blogging allows you to elevate your profile on the subject. Start posting comments on blogs that interest you. From the above example, if you were to start posting comments on some of these blogs, that authors may begin to recognize your name....throw into the mix something interesting to say and bam! you start making a name for yourself.

Third, blogging allows you to grow as an expert in the field. Like a stand-up comedian, at first they only have a few jokes, maybe enough material for a short amateur night. However, if they keep at it, eventually they can headline for an hour or more.

Start a blog, even if you don't have much to say immediately, it will help you collect your thoughts. Write about what interests you, ideas you may have, or things you've read that make a good point.

Then let the world find you!

The more you write, the more likely it is that your thoughts will bubble-up in the Google realm of knowledge.

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