Our First Devour Downtown Indianapolis

While on a long drive back from Evansville Jason called to find out if I would be interested in heading to Downtown Indy for Devour Downtown Winterfest. This $30 prix-fixe event seemed like the perfect way to end the week.

He read off some of the Menu's including the Asiago-almond Crusted Sea Scallops at Palomino's and the Kurobuta Pork Loin at Elements. However, we decided that the Coffee-Cracked Pepper Crusted Sirloin from 6 Lounge and Restaurant sounded too good to pass up. I hung up to let Jason make the reservation.

My understanding is that Jason called the restaurant to make an 8pm reservation. The woman who answered the phone was obviously not that in-tune with how a restaurant worked and seemed to be confused by the question. She put the phone down(not on mute) and asked her co-worker if another person was around who could take reservations. She then came back online and asked for Jason's number so that they could call back. Jason obliged, but 6 Lounge did not hold up their end of the bargain....we never heard back!

When I got home, Jason told me the story and then informed me that we had reservations at 8pm for Vito's on Penn for their Lobster Thermador. We had never been to Vito's so were excited to try some place new.

Our initial reaction when we walked into the restaurant was somewhat surreal, you could hear 80's music from the bar blended into Sinatra from the restaurant. The wood laminate flooring looked like it was a somewhat recent addition, but not the quality floor you would expect of a downtown fine dining establishment. The clientele, although enjoying themselves, looked like they hadn't put any effort into their appearance for their night on the town. I think we chose the only place on the list where the $30 menu option was a stretch. Vito's is a very casual location in the heart of Indy's downtown.

But the night was young and we had just sat down.

From the moment our meal started Natalie, our waitress, made us feel very welcome. She was upbeat and fun, the perfect compliment to this non-pretentious restaurant. I asked her what she recommended and she quickly mentioned The Chicken Giovanni. Since she was so sure, it made me completely disregard the Lobster that got me into the restaurant (Isn't that the point?). I also picked the stuffed mushroom dish for an appetiser. Jason chose the traditional Spaghetti and meatballs and picked the Seafood fritters from the devour downtown menu as an appetiser.

After we ordered, Natalie delivered a never-ending garlic bread that was outstandingly delicious.

The mushrooms and the seafood fritters were both very good but the Italian sausage in my Chicken Giovanni was the best piece of my meal. Jason's meatballs were better than average and the sweet tomato sauce with the spaghetti was just what he wanted.

We ended the meal with a shared Tiramisu, which was homemade and the perfect ending to our meal.

While we were expecting to eat at someplace upscale, Vito's on Penn did not disappoint. We will be sure to head back someday soon....Natalie informs us that the pizza is better than Bazbeaux's, which seems utterly impossible for me to comprehend.

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