Not a good Value City Furniture

Today, Jason and I picked up some furniture from the Value City Furniture store on the north side of Indianapolis.

We had purchased a small love seat and a chair as part of our staging project.

When we finally got the items into the house we noticed some issues. The chair had one leg that was shorter than the other four. There also didn't appear to be any way to fix this issue. But it still helped make the house look occupied and clean, so we kept it there. The love seat had some feet that you had to screw on, but they didn't have any pre-drilled holes, so we had to drill our own.

While Value City is inexpensive, the furniture does not seem to be something that you would want to actually use.

We will probably keep everything that we have purchased for this staging, because we are sure to stage future places....but we will never buy from Value City again.

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