It is time to Stage our property

Tonight Jason and I spent over $600 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We bought towels, curtains, artwork, and other items to make our empty place look more inviting.

We have been trying to sell our lake place since our neighbor went homophobic on us. It is unfortunate. We did not intend to "flip" this place, so we put much of our own taste into the renovations. The plan was for us to be able to live down there from time to time. It is a great place, on a nice ski-able lake, just south of Indianapolis.

One afternoon, just before a roadtip to Atlanta, we stopped by the place to check out a recent siding project. The place looked good but just as we were leaving, our neighbor(who I've never seen sober) screamed at the top of his lungs, "Get out of here you F*CKing Homos". We backed the car up and asked him to repeat what he said. We could tell he was drunk so we decided to leave...and after a police report decided to put the place for sale.

We chose to use Jeanne Navel, the realtor that sold the place to us. She was from Prince's realty in Nineveh, Indiana. This turned out to be yet another mistake. Yes, the real estate market has slowed down, but Jeanne had a habit of never responding to our questions. I actually stopped byt he office one day to complain to her and we still didn't hear back until the listing had expired and she wanted us to relist. Sorry Jeanne, this is not how it works.

So, now we have found another realtor. This time she seems very prepared and offered us a very long list of small things that we should do to help soften the vacant property. This includes some additional painting, and savvy placement of furniture. As Kirsten Kemp alwasy talks about in her hit show Property Ladder, staging is very important. Staging has been shown to increase the amount of the final sale price while reducing the time the property remains on the MLS.

We plan to use air-mattresses as a cheap replacement for a real mattress. We also plan to make sure that all the door knobs match, and that the flaws of the house are not the focal point. Since tonight we put some of the art work around, it already feels better.

Wish us luck, I'll keep you all updated.

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