Charleston’s: A pleasant surprise

My partner, Jason, and I had no particular cravings. We were both hungry and we were scouring Indianapolis Monthly for suggestions. We called a few places only to find that their kitchen's were already closed for the night...or would be by the time we made the journey. (It was just before 9pm on a Wed)

Then we saw Charleston’s listed in the back of the magazine and decided to try the place for our first time.

The only bad thing about this casual, yet hip, restaurant is its location. It is in a somewhat difficult area to approach from the east side of 82nd. We had driven by it numerous times and it always seemed pretty busy and tonight was no exception.

The moment we walked in we knew the night's dinner choice was the right one! Someone approached us, who I think may have been the manager, and made us feel instantly welcomed. We mentioned that it was our first time and he asked what made us choose his restaurant. We basically told him we wanted to try a new place, had driven by a few times, and were reminded when we browsed the magazine.

Our waiter, Dan, was just as friendly and accommodating. Since we had been struggling with what to order, we decided to ask for his recommendation....this made our task even harder. He had a tone in his voice that affirmed that we could not make a bad choice.

We both settled on the ribs and chicken combo. Jason stuck with the garlic mashed, but I switched to fries....I guess I was craving something after all. The fries weren't really on my diet, nor were the ribs, but everything came out fantastic.

Dan, in true "good waiter" fashion made sure that we never noticed that our drinks were emptying. I always love dining when you don't have to worry that you're getting thirsty.

Towards the end of the large portion, Dan was sure to suggest the key lime pie, which sounded good. The only problem was that we had eaten enough for the night and had to pass.

We will be sure to return.
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