ChaCha is saving me so much time

I like hearing about technology innovations in Indiana. One such company that I wrote about recently is ChaCha.

Tonight we were driving back from our lake place that we are renovating, and I used this great service to find out about custom floor vents and to locate a place to buy one of those fake plasma TVs that you see hanging at furniture stores.

It is great, because you can ask the question from anywhere that you have cell service. All you do is send the question as a text message to 242242. Shortly afterwards you receive the answer to your request with a supporting source web link. The great thing is that if you register your phone, on their website, they save all of your questions for 60 days.

So tonight, I returned home, logged into my ChaCha profile site and learned more about fake TV's.

I believe that this is ChaCha's killer app. If they market it appropriately, and if more people read my blog, that this could help put ChaCha and Indiana on the Web2.0 map.

Time will tell.

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