Save The Biergarten

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I first visited the Biergarten shortly after moving to Indianapolis. It felt great listening to live music outdoors with the city as a backdrop.
I truly felt at home. The Biergarten is such a unique venue and one I was proud to show off to my friends visiting from other major cities around the country.
It is a shame that Athenaeum wishes to shut down this wonderful place of culture. The Athenaeum proudly proclaims on its website: "Originally built in the 1890s as a ‘house of culture’ for the community"
Please reconsider and keep open this amazing place!


Flavor - Can it be more personal?

uFlavor is an Indianapolis (Broad Ripple) based start-up whose mission is to allow anyone to custom design their own flavors.

They have launched on a crowd-funding website called Fundable and are asking people to pledge what they can to accelerate their tasty goal.

The concept, while seemingly novel, is ideal for anyone who wants to control the ingredients they consume.  Using almost entirely all natural ingredients, uFlavor puts you in the driver seat. You can choose the flavors, colors, functional elements (think Energy Drink)

Pledges can be as simple:
  • $5 - buy a bottle of flavor - (your own creation, or someone else's)
  • $115 - flavor of the month subscription - (curated flavors delivered monthly, T-Shirt, Gift card)
or more complex:
  • $1500 - have experts create a unique flavor specifically for you and your audience (similar to a fragrance line - but taste)
  • $3000 - Ingredient Chooser - Decide the next flavor for uFlavor to use (you could choose cucumber or smelly feet)

In full disclosure, I am currently working at uFlavor - But please don't hold that against us!'

Extra Items for your enjoyment
Hmm?  Not sure about adding it to Turkey?

Learn why you want to control the ingredients in your beverage:

Learn more about the science behind taste: